About Us

Welcome to ORP – The movement.

We are currently a team of three proud Oakland natives (and growing), joined by our cherished associates and featured artists. Our backgrounds are as diverse as our vibrant city, ranging from athletes and university alumni to musicians, caregivers, animal lovers, and community organizers. We share a common commitment: to safeguard Oakland's natural beauty for today and generations to come.

At ORP, we believe in the power of action to bring about change.

We hope to give back to the community by showcasing its remarkable talent to the world.

Our mission extends beyond clothing. We intend to collaborate with local artists, and feature a wide range of artwork including clothing, photography prints, poetry, eco-friendly household products, and more coming soon!

It doesn’t stop there, we are dedicated to gathering resources for our community. These resources, ranging from community events and calls to action, to outreach programs supporting our youth, are tools for positive change.

Explore our unique collections, join our mission, and connect with us.

Thanks for supporting ORP; A cause worth supporting!

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