Artist Spotlight

Tre Sorensen - Muralist


Tre Sorensen is an Oakland based visual artist that specializes in murals, and prints. He attended art school at Oakland School for the Arts and has over 10+ years of experience with visual art. You can find Tre’s work throughout the cities of Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. Check out his Jaguar and Otter Prints in our Art Collection. IG: @TreSprays


Kristin Shum - Digital Designer


Kristin Shum is an Asian American artist from Southern California. She studied various arts in college and currently works for local sports advertisement agencies. Shum frequently enjoys trips to the beach, plays various competitive sports, and also makes an excellent chicken if you're lucky enough to catch her at a bbq with her puppy somewhere in the East Bay!



Tessa Shimizu - DJ, Multimedia Designer


Tessa Shimizu is a Japanese/American artist, born and raised on the border of France and

Switzerland. Driven by the world around her, she translates her observations and understandings

primarily through the tools of analog photography and video work. She often finds herself

exploring the various channels of her cultural identities in tandem to the ethereal and intangible

concepts of being human, and the abstracted moments we are faced with. Through alternative/experimental techniques with an emphasis on composition and texture, she is also particularly drawn to creating work reminiscent of how dreams, thoughts and memories are recalled, into fragmented, blended, isolated moments.

Tessa also co-runs a community darkroom in uptown Oakland and bartends in Berkeley.

In her spare time, she is an all-vinyl DJ and co-hosts two monthly shows (1st Monday’s @ noon and 1st Thursdays @ 10pm)— Tune in to for a variety of cool shows from your local community and beyond.                          




Joe Miller - Photographer


Miller is a young photographer born in Oakland Ca. Photography for Joe began as a hobby. Now with 6+ years of experience he has moved to the sunset district of San Francisco and continues to pursue his passion for imagery and life behind the lens. Joe Miller derives inspiration from vintage photography, architecture, and through observation while on foot, navigating the endless blocks of the city… and beyond. IG: joesphotos35




Pork Brain - Digital Designer



Pork Brain is an African American artist born in Oakland Ca. Pork Brain began his career and passion for arts at a very young age. From the time he was in first grade, he remembers being commissioned by fellow classmates to recreate images from episodes of Dragon Ball Z in exchange for lunch money! His recent designs are hand drawn on an iPad that he has been experimenting with over the past year. When he is not at work, Pork Brain likes to sit at scenic locations while he makes his designs, often inspired by bay area scenery and various interactions he remembers from living in Oakland for almost 30 years.



Abyssinia Iriejah Akna - Model, Visual Artist


Akna is an  artist born in Oakland Ca. Akna received an art degree from UC Berkeley in 2023. Other than modeling she specializes in sculpting, painting, and illustration. IG: @dabzthings